Friends of the Strum Public Library


The Library and the Friends of the Library are always appreciative of donations.  If you are so inclined, we can use:

  • Monetary donations for a specific project or program
  • Used books in good condition
  • Prizes for various raffles and fundraising events throughout the year
  • Baked goods and food items for various fundraising events and bake sales

Memorial donations are welcome and sought after.  Donations over $100 are recognized on plaques in the entrance area of the library.  If you wish to donate for a specific item, please contact the Library Director to discuss options that would be a good fit for the library.

Mail Donations to:

Friends of the Strum Public Library (can abbreviate FOSPL)
PO Box 10
Strum, WI 54770
A thank you letter that acts as a receipt for the donation will be mailed for all donations over $250.00